The Social Review Podcast Episode 50: The 1987 Caucus

Jasper meets singer/songwriter Jermain Jackman, and Labour activists Jake Cable and Amen Tesfay, to discuss the 1987 Caucus, a new movement to enhance the representation and power of black men within Labour. They discuss racism in Labour, changing public perceptions of racism, how the Conservative Party may be trying to appeal to black voters, and much more. Theme composed by Katrina Toner.…

The Social Review Podcast Episode 44: Commoning the Company

Joe and Jasper chat to Mathew Lawrence, Director of the think tank Common Wealth, to catch up on their work over the past year and their latest report on democratising private companies; they discuss the interplay between nation-states and international corporations, the future of air travel, and how Covid-19 will change globalisation. Commoning the Company: https://www.common-wealth.co.uk/reports/commoning-the-company iTunes