The Social Review Podcast Episode 62: Left Out of This Land

Joe, Lines and Julia meet to discuss two big new books about Corbyn’s Labour Party: ‘This Land: The Story of a Movement’ by Owen Jones, and ‘Left Out: The Inside Story of Labour Under Corbyn’ by Gabriel Pogrund and Patrick Maguire. The team discuss the book’s different conclusions, whether it casts new light on Corbyn’s Labour or not, the importance of interpersonal…

The Social Review Podcast Episode 61: Alexander Hamilton – Economic Radical?

How does a bastard, orphan, son of a… you get the gist. Jasper sits down with Christian Parenti, author of ‘Radical Hamilton: Economic Lessons From a Misunderstood Founder’ (Verso, 2020) to discuss the political and economic legacy of the ten-dollar founding father. Was Hamilton really a free-trading capitalist, or a statist radical? How do Hamiltonianism and Jeffersonianism continue to influence socio-economic development…

The Social Review Podcast Episode 59: The Social Re-Q

Morgan and Pete found a way to connect to the internet, and take a deep dive, helped by Annie Kelly (UK Correspondent, QAnon Anonymous), into the world of the QAnon conspiracy theory. How proliferate is it? How do well-meaning individuals become radicalised? How can they be de-radicalised? And what’s the world’s first conspiracy theory, and what does it have to do with…

The Social Review Podcast Episode 58: MMT Whatcha Say

It’s August and, with nothing better to do, Morgan embarks on an epic quest to discover what Modern Monetary Theory is, enlisting the help of trusty companions Megan Corton Scott (fellow-not-knower-of-what-MMT-is), William Sorenson (TSR writer, Labour Tenants), David Klemperer (TSR writer, former Institute for Government researcher) and Shreya Nanda (Economist at the IPPR). iTunes

The Social Review Podcast Episode 57: An A-Grade Disaster

Following the government’s U-turn on exams, Jasper chats to Andrew Lawrence (Teach First Ambassador, HeadStartNE Co-Founder) and Fabia Crole (Head of Partnerships, Future Frontiers) about their respective work with disadvantaged students, what the algorithm revealed about Ofqual and government policy, the long-term impact on the class of 2020 and much more. Spotify iTunes