The Social Review Podcast Episode 16: LGBT Life, Wise Penny and Pennywise

This week, Eugenie chairs a discussion on life as an LGBT+ woman with Julia and Lines, as well as a chat about LGBT+ and minority representation on film in the context of IT: Chapter Two. Meanwhile, Jasper talks to Penny Andrews, an academic from the University of Sheffield, about their work on political fandoms. iTunes Link RSS Feed Hosts: Jasper (@jasper_ch) Eugenie (@meemstd)…

The Social Review Podcast Episode 15: Haven’t You Heard Of Marie Le Conte

This week, Jasper sits down with political journalist Marie Le Conte to discuss her new book, Haven’t You Heard…? Gossip, Power and How Politics Really Works, touching on journalistic impartiality, the importance of leisure time and the story of how Marie first got into politics. iTunes Link RSS Feed Host: Jasper (@jasper_ch) Guest: Marie Le Conte (@youngvulgarian) Edited by Jasper Cresdee-Hyde.

The Social Review Podcast Episode 14: Reforming the Constitution, Football and Trans Rights

Jasper talks constitutional reform with David Klemperer, TSR editor and former researcher for The Constitution Society and the Institute for Government, Henry and Tessa. Lines, TSR writer, also joins to discuss trans rights and how to reform the Gender Recognition Act, while Joe chats with William and Peter about structural and cultural reforms to British football. iTunes link RSS Feed Hosts: Jasper…

The Social Review Podcast Episode 13: 500 Days of Climate Crisis

Jasper and Joe are joined by TSR Editor Julia Blunck who talks them through the Amazon Fires, why they are happening and whether Brazil’s politicians can create a solution. Plus, Eugenie joins to discuss problematic media, cancel culture and the #MeToo movement in light of the 10th anniversary of 500 Days of Summer (TW: mentions of sexual assault/rape). iTunes Link RSS Feed…

The Social Review Podcast Episode 12: Cancel Predicted Grades, Not Crimewatch

Jasper, Eugenie and Tyron sit down with Sam Johnson-Audini, Undergraduate Academic Officer for Durham Students’ Union, to chat higher education reform, Labour’s policy to abolish predicted grades, and serial killers (how they’re represented in art and the media, that is). iTunes Link RSS Feed Host: Jasper (@jasper_ch) Panel: Eugenie (@meemstd) Tyron (@TyronWilson) Sam (@sam_jja) Edited by Jasper Cresdee-Hyde.

The Social Review Podcast Episode 11: The Social Review Storms Scotland

Jasper meets TSR editor Hugh and friends Isla and Georgie to talk the state of the union and the future of Scottish Labour. Meanwhile, Joe sits down with Will Stronge, director of Autonomy, to discuss their proposals for a 4-day week. iTunes link RSS Feed Host: Jasper (@jasper_ch) Panel: Hugh (@hughrbrechin) Isla (@islawhat) Georgie (@georgie_rharris) Interview: Will Stronge (@w_stronge) interviewed by Joe (@steamedhamms) Edited…

The Social Review Podcast Episode 10: Out of Control?

Jasper, Eugenie, Tyron and James discuss America’s latest mass shootings and how we can practically fight white nationalism; Jasper also meets political comedians Alex Kealy and Ahir Shah to talk political comedy and financing the Edinburgh Fringe, and the gang gets cancelled. RSS Feed Host: Jasper (@jasper_ch) Panel: Eugenie (@meemstd) Tyron (@TyronWilson) James (@Gilofthepeople) Edited by Jasper Cresdee-Hyde.