It’s the night before Christmas, and Jasper, sick of Labour losing yet another election, joins the Conservative Party. However, at home, he is visited by Joe, the King of Soft Left Twitter, who sends him three groups of ghosts from the past, present and future of British and global politics in an effort to change his ways. Will Jasper come back to the soft left in time for Christmas, or is he lost to the right forever? Written while drunk, inspired by Charles Dickens and featuring a special MP guest star, we present to you: ‘A Social Review Christmas Carol’!

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By Peter Whitehead and Morgan Jones


Narrator: Morgan Jones

Jasper the Tory: Jasper Cresdee-Hyde

Jim Murphy: Hugh

Jordan Peterson/Slavoj Zizek: Peter Whitehead

Joe, King of the Soft Left Twitter: Joe Hamm

Lisa Nandy: Lines

Conservative Party Manifesto 2019: Eugenie

Nigel Dodds: Tyron Wilson

Unnamed Conservative Party Media Outrider: Henry Coleman

Ed Miliband: Sean Smyth

Alex Sobel MP: Alex Sobel MP

Stephen Kinnock: Will Sorenson

Also starring: James Gilmour, Michael Bawden, Ciaran McGurdy and Beth Desmond