About Us

The Social Review is an online political magazine. Our mission remains as clear as it was when we were founded in 2018 – to offer a welcoming place for good faith engagement with all left of centre traditions to discuss and debate the future of socialism. 

There will not be a single voice or single view from our articles, but varied points of view willing to look at the world as it is and as it should be. We will always seek a diversity of voices, we expect our writers to come from different backgrounds and with differing opinions. The Social Review will not wade into pointless and cheap conversations created by self-destructive impulses. Instead we will seek, as much as possible, to cover subjects often ignored by traditional media including; trade unions, local government and much more.

We are run by volunteers, any donations made to us will be spent solely on improving the website or for content that would not be possible without funding. One of the principal aims of The Social Review is to encourage those who otherwise may not have begun writing to write for us. Every time someone is moved by one of our articles to become a writer themselves, that is our website fulfilling its role.