Support Us

Contrary to what you may have heard, The Social Review receives no outside funding – not even from MI5. Part of our relaunch includes a commitment to regular publication of articles and podcasts, with that come expenses – we have thus far covered smaller things like logos and podcast theme licencing equally among the editorial team, but as a voluntary operation, this is not sustainable for larger expenses. As such we are asking any readers and listeners who have enjoyed our content to donate what you can to help us make The Social Review even better. This won’t be part of a Patreon-style rewards system, just what we need to help us publish more articles and podcasts on a regular basis. 

Any donations can be sent to The Social Review’s paypal and will be put towards improving the website or on content that would not be possible without funding.

So far our readers generous donations have went towards:

2 microphones for our podcasting team – £290

3 months suscribtion to premium zoom – £36

This year’s web hosting – £155