The Social Review Podcast Episode 57: An A-Grade Disaster

Following the government’s U-turn on exams, Jasper chats to Andrew Lawrence (Teach First Ambassador, HeadStartNE Co-Founder) and Fabia Crole (Head of Partnerships, Future Frontiers) about their respective work with disadvantaged students, what the algorithm revealed about Ofqual and government policy, the long-term impact on the class of 2020 and much more. Spotify iTunes

Charlotte Nichols MP interview: “To me, Judaism is about sanctifying life on earth rather than securing a reward in a world to come, and that … really focuses me.”

Charlotte Nichols has been the MP for Warrington North since December last year. Charlotte’s Jewish, and for Jewish people this is a significant time of the year, the Omer, which is the counting of the days from Pesach, the festival of freedom, to Shavuot, the festival of revelation. On Shavuot, the story of Ruth, the archetypal Jew who became Jewish later in…