At The Social Review, we want to be welcoming to new voices and hope to encourage new writers to put themselves forward. We aim to be a space that allows people to hone their skills and develop as writers. We know that the challenge of getting started can at times seem incredibly daunting, so here are our guidelines for how to pitch to us:

  • Give a brief outline of your idea – explain why you want to write about the subject and why it’s relevant.
  • Your pitch should be no more than 150 words, and should summarise in 3-5 bullet points the argument/point structure of your proposed article.
    • So for example, each bullet point might have one short sentence summarising its main point, and 1-2 indented bullet points beneath providing a little more detail on the argument.
    • If this seems complicated, imagine it as if you are summarising your article’s argument in a Twitter thread of three tweets.
  • We mostly publish shorter pieces, typically around 800 words. As a typical rule of thumb, our expected word count is based on how many points your piece is seeking to make:
    • For 1 point – 400 words.
    • For 2 points – 600 words.
    • For 3 points – 900-1000 words.
    • For more than that, or for broader ‘long read’-type pieces, please talk to us before writing anything.
  • Please do not send us a full piece before we have agreed to your pitch.
  • Any changes to an agreed word count should be discussed with an editor before submission.
    • Our editors have limited time and offer their work on a voluntary basis. So please do not submit a draft several hundred words over the word count, as their first response will likely be for you to revise it down much closer to the one agreed!
  • Once your pitch has been approved, any drafts should be sent in a Google Docs file.
  • If you are pitching an interview, please include the names of any interviewees.
  • Deadlines can be flexible, but it’s important we’re kept updated if you need more time than was agreed.
  • We should get back to you within a week – if not, do please send us a follow up email, or DM our editor-in-chief @ciaranmcgurdy on Twitter.
  • As we are a team made up of volunteers, we unfortunately cannot offer payment.
  • Email your pitch to editors[at]

Do not feel intimidated or underestimate yourself. Writing is a craft, and like any other, demands a lot of practice. We don’t expect anyone starting out to be able to write a perfect piece. We are proud to organise a space that offers a learning experience for new writers. Remember that even very experienced writers are rejected at times, and that we will still be open to other pieces that might better fit the profile of our website.