Practical Solidarity

We must construct an understanding of solidarity in which the goal is nothing less than emancipation from structural oppression and bigotry. Solidarity cannot simply be a process, it must be a direction. Our solidarity must contain room for self-criticism. It must not be a paranoid solidarity but a self-reflective one.
On the 26th June 2019, The Social Review took the unusual step to release a joint statement condemning Chris Williamson’s brief reinstatement into the party. In that statement, we committed to taking our ethical responsibilities within the party more seriously. This is our incomplete attempt to begin to do this. You will find below useful links, draft motions and petitions. We asked for your ideas and we are still seeking these. They can be sent to

Ally JLM Membership:

Socialists Against Antisemitism:

Labour’s No Place For Antisemitism Page:

The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere by April Rosenblum. This is a pamphlet published in 2007 and now used by a lot of Jewish left groups as part of their political education.

Jews For Racial and Economic Justice which looks at how antisemitism compares to other forms of racism, and how to discuss its specificity while acknowledging how it interacts with colonialism, anti-black racism, Islamophobia etc.
That’s funny – You don’t look antisemitic” by Steve Cohen. It’s from the 1980s but has a lot of useful lessons for now.
Socialists of Colour:
Ex-Labour GRT Campaign:
Labour Campaign for Trans Rights: